Loreno Heer

Postdoc, ETH Zurich. ITP, D-PHYS, loreno dot heer at gmail dot com.



ETH Zurich

Hönggerberg campus

8093 Zurich, Switzerland

Research Interests: Analysis in metric spaces, in particular quasiconformal, quasi-symmetric and quasi-Möbius geometry. (Gromov-)hyperbolic geometry and geometric group theory. Furthermore geometric analysis in general and low-dimensional topology. Besides pure mathematics I am interested in mathematical physics, in particular the geometry of space-time and string theory. My current research centers on the study of the conformal horizon of de Sitter space in general relativity with a positive cosmological constant and in particular the study of gravitational waves in this setting.



  • Errata for Geometry, Topology and Physics (Second Edition) by Mikio Nakahara pdf (latex source) (last updated: 17. April 2022)

Activities and Memberships

Referee for Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications. Reviewer for Zentralblatt MATH and AMS MathSciNet. Member of the Swiss Mathematical Society and American Mathematical Society.

Social Networking

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